"Hands down the most original film to ever come out of the zombie genre... a future cult classic."

C. Dempsey,

"A beacon of belly laughs... devilishly charming."

Erin Meister, Boston Globe

"A broadly painted, tongue-in-cheek revisiting of the old-school monster movies."

Star C. Foster, Monsters at Play

"Chris Diani really gets movies ...a rollicking gay zombie flick."

Andrea Gronvall, Chicago Reader

"Be prepared for a belly laugh; this is probably the most ridiculous gay movie we've ever seen!"

Scott Cranin, TLA Video

"Campy and self-deprecating... everything Another Gay Movie wanted to be."

Tricia Olszewski, Washington City Paper

"Near-galactic levels of both enthusiasm and snark Philip D. Clarke is a Paul Lynde for the new millennium."

Andrew Wright, The Stranger

"A delightful send-up of tacky horror movies [with] equal doses of humor and horror."

Joseph Melnicoff, Dallas Broadway World

"At last, walking-dead sweater queens get their due."

Al Hoff, Pittsburgh City Paper

Billy with gun

Suitcase with squirt guns

Joseph kills two zombies